It's just a wolf pack.
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 Rules for the Pack

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PostSubject: Rules for the Pack   May 23rd 2017, 2:54 am

1.No Spamming.
2.No Sexual Harassment.
3.No Mating In Main,(Do It In Private).
4.No Annoying People In The Chatroom.
5.No Trolls Allowed.(Including you B1FF,So Go Fuck Yourself).
6.No Private/One Way Main Fights,(Have A Worthy Opponent).
7. Use Your Power Correctly,(No Kicks And Bans For No reason).
8.(And important).Have Fun. Will ya?
If you don't follow these rules then....
1.Warnings Will be served as Kicks,(Like in Baseball: Three Strikes,And You're Out.)
2.You WILL Be Lowered From Your Power,(Owners=Gold,Mods=White,Members Blue).
3.You WILL Be Made A Guest,And Banned FOREVER.(Or Unless You've Learned Your Lesson AND Can Be Trusted).
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Rules for the Pack
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